Narrating your life story is a joy

“My life is not important and I don’t have interesting stories to tell”

“How do I recall all of the memories from a lifetime?”

“What tools do I need to get this done?”

If this is what you think, Narrative Legacies will make the process pleasurable, taking most of the “work” out of it, leaving an experience that will be a delightful walk down memory lane ⁠—  therapeutic even​.

Through one-on-one conversational interviews, you will navigate the story of your life ⁠— the facts, memories, the meanings you draw, your values and beliefs. Depending on the time you wish to commit to this process, you can leave your Narrative Legacy in two ways:

The Process
Interviews 30%
Writing / Revisions 55%
Photo Scanning and Design 80%
Production 100%

The Audio Memoir

The quicker option, when time is of the essence, digital audio recordings from one-on-one interview sessions will navigate the life stories and anecdotes. You will receive a lightly edited recording of the entire session along with a transcript and interview notes that can be used as a keepsake or to create a book later.

The Storybook

A hardbound archival quality book written in a format that draws the reader into the subject's story. This memoir is based on interviews and structured using storytelling techniques such as character development and time shifts. It includes supporting research to give context to the stories and recollected events.


we conduct in-home interviews, write, design, and produce beautiful books that your family will treasure for generations

Creating your Narrative Legacy is not a one-size-fits-all. It can take four weeks to six months. The duration and budget depends on the extent of the stories you would like to record, and the amount of time you would like to commit to the process. Regardless, we make the entire journey a joy to experience. Besides the interviews, we keep your involvement to the minimum ⁠— no lengthy paperwork/writing questionnaires, or scanning photos and documents. We do this for you.


We use a friendly conversational approach to help you record your story. Using our experience gained from years in journalism and documentary, you will feel joy as you navigate the facts, events, memories, and meaning drawn from your life.


We craft your stories using your voice and build a narrative arc that will engage and inform readers. This phase may also include additional research and interviews to ensure accuracy. Drafts of the story will be shared and revisions made.


We will guide you with collecting photographs and documents from your archives. We will then scan these with care. Then begins the design process where each book is crafted based on the story and the personality of the subject.


Once we receive the final sign-off, your book goes into printing. We have options for the book covers - from luxury leather to fabric. The inside pages are printed on premium paper that will last for decades, making the book a family heirloom.

projects we do

Love story books

Just setting out in marriage or celebrating 50 golden years of togetherness, create a written legacy of the love you share, from how your paths crossed to the many moments - big and small you shared.

Life story books

Memoirs and biographies are not only for kings and rulers. Everyone has a story to share, lessons learnt, and these accounts can inform future generations.

Family Histories

The past shapes our present and informs our future. The story of how we came to be where we find ourselves is a rich treasure trove that becomes a legacy.

Business Histories

Recording the business history of a company is not just for Apple, Pepsi or McDonalds. The story of the foundations of any business, large or small, forms the ethos of a company. It shapes the values and ideals of a business in an ever-changing environment.


Apala & Salesh

Love Story / It was great to have a storybook for the most memorable day of our life. Whenever I flip through the pages of this book even during the busiest day, it feels like living a dream, refreshing all the sweet memories. Our wedding story book is a time keeper and I just love to read it again and again. Thank you Gasper, you have been a great author to our love story.​

Anita Edgar

Life Story / Gasper, this is brilliant! It brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for your patience during the interview. It put me at ease and in the process I was able to recall memories I had forgotten from all those years ago. I wanted to do this work of recording my experiences for many years. Thanks to you, I was able to finally get it started for my children and grand children.

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