But...but... I don't think my life story is worth preserving. I don't have a story!

I’ve not come across a person without a story. If we live, for any significant time on this earth, we have a story to tell.

Everyone has a story to tell that needs to be preserved and cherished for future generations – our legacy for generations to come. There are the big life experiences like wars and famine, political turmoil and financial disasters. There is the knowledge collected over a life time, knowledge that would be lost to future generations. Then there’s the personal – love and friendships, separation and grief, family traditions and beliefs, meaning drawn from a lifetime.

After we pass on, the only thing we leave behind of ourselves are the stories of our experiences.

It would be the biggest shame if all we left of our life story was a memorialised Facebook page.

Stories make our collective history as a human race. Stories of love and loss, great valor and defeat, perseverance and hope. Lessons learnt over a lifetime.

Browsing through a family album, don’t we wish we knew more about the faces in the fading photographs? Who was my grandfather beyond that stern looking man staring back at me from the portrait? Stories tell us where we came from, the sequence of events and decisions made that brought us to where we find ourselves.

It is essential and invaluable – as families and as a collective society, to capture and archive these stories that make up our histories.

Preserve your Narrative Legacy and those of your loved ones before it fades into the labyrinth of time and memory.

Client Speak

Apala & Salesh

Love Story / It was great to have a storybook for the most memorable day of our life. Whenever I flip through the pages of this book even during the busiest day, it feels like living a dream, refreshing all the sweet memories. Our wedding story book is a time keeper and I just love to read it again and again. Thank you Gasper, you have been a great author to our love story.​

Anita Edgar

Life Story / Gasper, this is brilliant! It brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for your patience during the interview. It put me at ease and in the process I was able to recall memories I had forgotten from all those years ago. I wanted to do this work of recording my experiences for many years. Thanks to you, I was able to finally get it started for my children and grand children.

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