When do I need Narrative Legacy?

Everyone has a story to tell. Our lives are full of stories and these stories shape who we are. These stories can also inform our children and future generations. This is how history is recorded. But history is not just for royalty and renegades. We are part of history.

So, yes, we all need to narrate our life stories and preserve them as our legacy for future generations. While we can preserve our stories in various formats – audio recordings, video or written texts, the Library of Congress recommends the safest way to create archival work that is guaranteed to last, is through the written word in books.

Think about it. In the last decade how many digital formats came and went forever? We had Floppy Disks, CD-ROMs, DVDs, Blu-ray mp3, mp4, mpeg. The list is endless. We are hard-pressed to find readers for many of these formats.

Now that you know you need to record your stories in the written format, do you need the Narrative Legacy service? The answer depends.

If you are able to write down your own life stories as memoir or autobiography, Narrative Legacy is not for you. We’d encourage you to go ahead and begin this most important project today.

But not all of us are up to the task of writing, not knowing where or how to begin. The magnitude of recording these stories may paralyse us. Then there are the different phases of the process each of which call upon a different attitude and ability.

Interviewing Techniques

There’s the first task of interviewing ourselves our our loved ones to dig into a lifetime of memories and researching that to give it context. Interviewing is an art form and a craft. It takes understanding to be able to ask the right questions to elicit responses that are deep and meaningful. This is where practice comes in. I have interviewed people of differing backgrounds – from farmers to politicians in differing settings. The key is being able to listen and put the subject at ease. I can’t take credit for this but my personality and demeanor seems to put people at ease. I’m not sure why, but I know it’s not my doing.

Writing our life stories

The next task when recording and preserving your life stories is to sit down and write. Here’s where many fail. Some fail due to that generic all-encompassing term called “writer’s block”. Writing is more than a craft. It is a spiritual exercise – sitting alone in a room, by yourself with your thoughts. It does not come easy.

If you find yourself plagued by this block, simply unable to write, Narrative Legacy can help you.

To conclude, if you can write your own life story we encourage you to begin today. If, on the other hand, you don’t know where or how to begin, or experience a block in the writing process that has held you back for years, then we can help you tell your story.

Client Speak

Apala & Salesh

Love Story / It was great to have a storybook for the most memorable day of our life. Whenever I flip through the pages of this book even during the busiest day, it feels like living a dream, refreshing all the sweet memories. Our wedding story book is a time keeper and I just love to read it again and again. Thank you Gasper, you have been a great author to our love story.‚Äč

Anita Edgar

Life Story / Gasper, this is brilliant! It brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for your patience during the interview. It put me at ease and in the process I was able to recall memories I had forgotten from all those years ago. I wanted to do this work of recording my experiences for many years. Thanks to you, I was able to finally get it started for my children and grand children.

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